My husband took me out to this really nice little restaurant in the next town over for Valentine’s Day this week. I was really excited when I heard about it, especially since I didn’t even know that it existed. But I guess I live mostly off of whatever our kids will eat, which isn’t really the stuff that was on this menu. I had this amazing tiramisu while I was there and loved it so much that I decided to try and make some on my own at home.
I’ve never made tiramisu before, so I used our internet to find a good recipe. Then I thought that maybe I could leave the rum out so that the kids could at least try it too.
So instead, I added some rum flavoring and let my kids try it with ice cream. They weren’t very big fans, but I think that was the coffee taste they weren’t that sure of. However, I was okay with that because it just meant more for my husband and I to eat.

Although kelp grows in lots of locations, the kelp forests off the coast of San Diego are a number of the richest & most developed beds on earth. Kelp is usually present in areas where nutrient levels are high. This often occurs where there is an upwelling of nutrients from deep waters or where nutrients are provided locally but other mean such as seal wastes. The size of the kelp beds vary from year to year, determined by water water damage repair san diego

temperature & storm actions as well as various pollution & harvesting issues.

Kelp creates flat patches on the water, as the vegetative growth mutes the wave & wind action on the ocean’s surface. Close up, it looks like you are moving through the leaves at the very top of the forest canopy. Under water, it looks like a dimly lit forest with the sun’s rays piercing through a submerged forest.

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